The Drive to Teach

Seeing the Light


Drudgery can be a fair way to describe teaching, and it is common for those who teach young students or difficult subjects. When students struggle, teachers can see it on their faces and in their work. Arriving at class each morning might be as difficult for the educator as it is the student, and this is a scenario that can turn quickly towards depression. Teachers continue to show up in classrooms, and the reason is the joy they feel when a student’s face lights up upon understanding a concept.

There have been many television shows for small children over the last few decades, and they make learning look fun and easy. There are always students who will grasp concepts easily, but many of them struggle at some point. Learning is not always fun or easy, and it often takes a great deal of hard work and disciple. For a teacher, their goal is to help the student find their way through the difficulties so the concept can shine brightly in their mind.