Having A Favorite Teacher

Ask almost any person if they had a favourite teacher, and most of them will reply positively. Further questioning will reveal that many of them struggled with the subject that teacher taught, but they were inspired by them. Some will talk about how they despised the teacher at the beginning of class, and they will end by saying how much the teacher accomplished for them. All these students were lucky because they had a teacher with a good set of expectations, and they were given the opportunity to create their own accomplishments. Even young children can remember the fun and exciting experiences in their morning primary assemblies, where creativity is crucial for children to learn.

It is not always easy to teach any subject, and the student must be willing to learn. Favourite teachers are not those who are nice or easy, they are the ones who have a definite set of values for students to follow. They are the teachers who will tutor students, but they do not allow them to fail tests while making up grades with extra credit work. They are tough, but that does not mean they care any less than other teachers.

Teachers who demand students take responsibility for their own learning are some of the best loved ones, and it is their refusal to let students slide that makes them memorable. They force students to really learn their subject, and they will fail them if the student does not do the work. They are often the ones who spend countless hours after school tutoring students, and they put in the extra work because they know their charges can pass.

All of these teachers have one thing in common, and it is their ability to make students understand they can achieve. Their subjects might be difficult to learn, but they are not impossible. It is their belief in the student’s own ability to do the work and succeed that makes them a teacher worthy of admiration.