The Drive to Teach

Great Teaching Examples


When students learn a concept, it may mean nothing to them because they have no way of applying it to the real world. This has long been an issue common with students learning advanced concepts, but it does not mean there are no applications for them. Great teaching examples are a way to show students how their studies can be useful in many areas of their adult lives, and it can give them the opportunity to learn how to examine and solve complex issues in ways that make sense.

Science and mathematics have often been a bone of contention with students because they believe they will never use the knowledge they are forced to learn. Many concepts might not seem applicable, but the logical steps behind solving issues or learning can help them once they have aged out of the school system. Being able to analyse data, set it into a format where a solution is possible, and then applying it to a situation is what these advanced concepts in class teach.

Word problems in mathematics have often been the bane of student existence, yet they are helpful in learning how to solve problems in the real world. Many times people receive information in the form of words, but reducing it into a formula that can be solved becomes an issue. Those who excel at correctly resolving word problems may find they have an easier time reducing issues down to their base components for workable solutions as they go through life.

Science is another area where students often complain the information they must learn will be useless in the real world, but it can help them in many ways. Being able to view complex systems as a whole, understand how distant issues are interrelated, and the ability to put facts together in new ways can help them solve the issues that may arise once they leave school to begin their lives as adults.